Recently we had a vendor discontinue their backup solution which forced us to find and implement an alternate solution. After doing some research we found a solution that met our budget and requirements but did not allow backup of files from shares on the network (local files only). So back to Google and that is when we found Synkron. This handy little tool allowed me to easily accomplish a sync between my network share and a folder on the local PC that was then backed up.

Here is how we set Synkron up:

  1. During install, set the program to start with windows.
  2. In synchronize, set folder 1 to source and click wrench option “do not modify the contents of this folder” (This was our network share).
  3. Set folder 2 to destination, click wrench option “slave” (This was the local folder that could be backed up).
  4. Schedule the job “30 minutes,” or mirror you backup schedule.
  5. Set the program to disable tray messages and run hidden.

Synkron can be downloaded from Sourceforce here: