Follow the steps below to move your existing WordPress site from a local to a hosted location or vice versa.

1. Install WordPress on new location.
2. Download the entire wp-content folder from server to the corresponding folder in new location.
3. Use the wp-db-backup plugin in wp to download a copy of the mysql database.
4. Use myphpadmin wizard to create a database, expand database and select wp-options and import the modified mysql database into it.
5. Edit wp-config.php with the new database details. (In the case of running a local server, user=root and password is null). This is enough to get the site working, but permalinks need to be fixed.
6. Delete the .htaccess file.
7. Go into the WordPress dashboard (of local copy) and set the permalink options, which regenerates a .htaccess file.
8. Use this to edit permalinks:
9. The WordPress Site should be working.

Post in the comments section if you have any questions.